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Cycle SummaryEdit

Cycle 09 on Sims3MovieNetwork channel, on YouTube.

This cycle was in the format of C03: European Invasion. 8 girls were chosen from different countries to compete to be Sim's Next Top Model. However, this time; they're from the Caribbean islands. 

Also, for the first time, fans would vote on a scale of 1-10, as well as the judges, and the girl with the lowest average would go home.

Promotional Song: "La Danza" by Tom Ford.


The winner of this season will recieve:

  • $500,000
  • $100,000 contract with Covergirl
  • A cover in Beauty in Vogue
  • A cover and spread in W Magazine
  • An all expenses working trip to Dubai, to walk in Dubai Fashion Week
  • A lifetime contract with Vogue Agency
  • A lifetime contract with Will's Angels


There were a small selection of juges this season, including:

  • Sahvanha Rasputine (host, model, self-proclaimed bitch)
  • Aleksandra Grushana (C03 winner, model, social media correspondant)
  • Melony Makus (S3NTM Alumni)
  • Diane Wings (S3NTM Alumni)


Episode 1: "A Little Beyoncé"Edit

The premiere starts off with the girls basically walking around Kingston, doing what the fuck ever, as they introduce themselves. Most are boring as hell so let's not get into that. Jessica gets really lazy and decides not to film the makeovers like originally intended so let's not get into that either. The girls get to their house, and there's not much drama going on about bedrooms and such, first time ever, I know.

Jemyma's quite contempt with her makeover, as she keeps boasting of it, calling herself "Lil' Beyoncé", which Ingheidur obviously is not fond of, as she states that it's been used in every Next Top Model ever - and how it doesn't make her Beyoncé because she's black.

Then boring stuff.

Later, the girls get to panel. The girls are introduced to their prizes (stated in the Prizes section).She also introduces the new judges, as well as the new format. Sahvanha explains that the photoshoot was beauty shots where the girl's model their country's flag as a silk mask. The judges score there photos, so on and so forth. The girls are called back after the scores have been tallied. First call out goes to Lisette, which a judges score of 27 and a fan average of 8.05; leaving her with a total of 35.05, most likely due to her effortless, yet stunning, shot. Katell and Janelle land in the bottom 2, most likely due to their bland and uninspired shots. In the end, Janelle stays with a 18.94, making Katell from St. Barthélemy the first eliminated, with a score of 14.63.

  • First Call Out: Lisette Cruz (Cuba)
  • Bottom Two: Katell Duval (St. Barthélemy) & Janelle Rupert (Barbados)
  • Eliminated: Katell Duval (St. Barthélemy)

Episode 2: "Dimensions"Edit

This episode begins with Jemyma failing at speaking to Jay-Z, and Lan Nhung and Lisette playing chess, sharing their thoughts about the other girls. Sanah, whom neither of them enjoy being around, decided to watch. After bothering them, they decided to leave. Sanah calls them rude and Lisette overreacts and they start fighting, and Lisette throws shade to TheSimodels. 

Kirq later calls the girls over to a Sahvanha Mail for the weekly challenge. When they get to the challenge, it's announced that it's a simple photoshoot but with a 3D effect. Some girls impress, like Ingheidur, Kirq, and Sanah. However some don't, like Lisette and Jemyma. In the end, Kirq wins. 

Ingheidur and Janelle make her ice cream, meanwhile Sanah and Jemyma complain. As usual.

Panel then begins. Sahvanha goes over the judges and prizes of the season, then explains that the photoshoot was they were modelling in a rundown subway station in a B&W photoshoot. They score and critique the girl's, then Sahvanha calls the girls out to tally the votes. First call out is Janelle, which has a judges score of 28 and a fan average of 8.40; with a total of 36.40. Lisette and Ingheidur land in the bottom two, and in a shocking elimination, Ingheidur stays with a score of 30.60, making Lisette from Cuba the second eliminated, with a score of 28.40.

  • First Call Out: Janelle Rupert (Barbados)
  • Bottom Two: Lisette Cruz (Cuba) & Ingheidur Fjólardóttir Ogilvie (Montserrat)
  • Eliminated: Lisette Cruz (Cuba)

Episode 3: "Ew Effort"Edit

This episode was bad but I'll summarize it anyways. Jemyma starts drama because Lisette slayed at her elimination speech. Ducks have feet, Kirq doesn't know. Lan Nhung doesn't borrow hats. A challenge is announced but doesn't happen. Panel starts up. 


Sahvanha goes over the judges and prizes of the season, then explains that the photoshoot was that they were modelling clothes made by House of Holland. Then it's announced that Sahvanha wasn't Sahvanha it was Laura whoever that is. Then Jessica was like "no" and that's kind of it. 

  • First Call Out: Ingheidur Fjólardóttir Ogilvie (Montserrat)
  • Bottom Two: Jemyma Malone (Haiti) & Janelle Rupert (Barbados)
  • Eliminated: Janelle Rupert (Barbados)

Episode 4: "Terror & Trenchcoats"Edit

At the beginning of the episode, Kirq goes over her worry of her place in the competition, and how she feels that she needs to step up her game. Later, Sahvanha meets the girls, stating due to what happened last panel, she's interested in getting to know the girls. The girls discuss themselves, such as Lan Nhung missing her boyfriend, and the drama surrounding Jemyma. The next day, the girls get a Sahvanha Mail saying they need to "work the weather". Due to it raining all week, the girls assume it's them posing in the rain - which proves to be true. Kirq wins the challenge, but her celebration is ended just as quickly as it started whenever the photographer - Shania - states a girl is about to be eliminated. That girl was unfortunately Sanah. 

At panel, Sahvanha goes over the prizes and judges, and states that the photoshoot was revamping a photoshoot originally from Inner Model 1 - posing in an Insane Asylum. As she was walking up to get her photo critiques, Kirq gets lightheaded and similarly passes out. She sits down however her photo is still judged, and the judges love it. In return, she gets first call out. Meanwhile, Jemyma and Lan Nhung are placed in the bottom two, and in a sad elimination, Lan Nhung is sent home. 

Immediately after, Sahvanha talks to the girls, going over how short the cycle has been, and how she wants to add another episode, and reveals to do so, she's bringing an eliminated girl back!

  • First Call Out: Kirq DeLáine (Curaçao)
  • Bottom Two: Jemyma Malone (Haiti) & Quách Chu Lan Nhung (Saint Lucia)
  • 'Eliminated: 'Quách Chu Lan Nhung (Saint Lucia)
  • Eliminated at Challenge: Sanah Redmond (Puerto Rico)


As stated in the cycle description, 8 girls from across the Caribbean were chosen to compete, all from different countries.

(information stated is correct at time of contest)

From Contestant   Age   Hometown   Outcome  
Bl Saint Barthélemy Katell Duval 22 Gustavia Eliminated in Episode 1
Cu Cuba Lisette Cruz 19 Havana Eliminated in Episode 2
Bb Barbados Janelle Rupert 20 Bridgetown Eliminated in Episode 3
Lc Saint Lucia Quách Lan Nhung 21 Dennery (originally from Vietnam) Eliminated in Episode 4
Ht Haiti Jemyma Malone 18 Port au Prince Eliminated in Episode 5
Pr Puerto Rico Sanah Redmond 21 San Juan Eliminated in Episode 4
Returned in Episode 5
Eliminated in Episode 6
Cw Curaçao Kirq DeLáine 19 Willemsted (originally from Holland) Runner Up
Ms Montserrat Ingheidur Fjólardóttir Ogilvie 18 Davy Hill (heritage from Iceland) Winner

Call-out orderEdit

Sahvanha's Call-Out Order
Order Episode
0 1 2 3 4 5 6
1 Sanah Lisette Janelle Ingheidur Kirq Ingheidur Ingheidur Ingheidur
2 Lisette Sanah Lan Nhung Lan Nhung Ingheidur Sanah Kirq Kirq
3 Lan Nhung Ingheidur Sanah Sanah Jemyma Kirq Sanah
4 Ingheidur Jemyma Kirq Kirq Lan Nhung Jemyma
5 Janelle Kirq Jemyma Jemyma
6 Katell Lan Nhung Ingheidur Janelle
7 Kirq Janelle Lisette
8 Jemyma Katell
  • Episode 0 was decided by random and has no effect on the rest of the season.
  • In episode 4, a photoshoot challenge was held, and it was later announced that Sanah was eliminated for performing the worst.
  • In episode 5, a comeback was held, and Sanah had the highest average score, and was brought back into the competition.
     The contestant won the competition.
     The contestant was eliminated.
     The contestant won the challenge of the week.

Scoring chartEdit

Model Episode Scores Total
1 2 3 4 5 6
Ingheidur 30.73 30.60 33.67 36.07 34.11 30.00 29.00 224.18 32.03
Kirq 28.52 31.20 26.78 37.21 29.33 28.00 25.00 206.04 29.43
Sanah 30.89 31.40 29.89 31.67 26.00 149.85 30.57
Jemyma 29.52 30.70 23.44 30.89 27.78 142.33 28.46
Lan Nhung 26.63 31.80 32.22 29.37 120.02 30.05
Janelle 18.94 36.40 18.00 73.34 24.45
Lisette 35.05 28.04 63.09 31.55
Katell 14.63 14.63 14.63
     The contestant had the highest score and received first call-out.
     The contestant had the lowest score and was eliminated.

Photo shoot guideEdit

  • Photoshoot 1: Portraying your flag
  • Photoshoot 2: 3D Photographs
  • Photoshoot 3: Posing in a subway
  • Photoshoot 4: Modelling trenchcoats
  • Photoshoot 5: Posing in an Insane Asylum
  • Photoshoot 6: Posing with cats
  • Photoshoot 7: Covergirl ads
  • Photoshoot 8: Beauty in Vogue cover shoot
  • Photoshoot 9: W Magazine cover shoot

Makeover guideEdit

  • Ingheidur: Restyled
  • Janelle: High lights, curled
  • Jemyma: Dyed black
  • Katell: Color touch-ups
  • Kirq: Dyed platinum blonde
  • Lisette: Eyebrows bleached
  • Lan Nhung: Dyed darker
  • Sanah: Dyed ginger, hair thinned

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